Screw Machine ShopScrew machines are automated lathes, which can quickly mass-produce turned parts. Screw machining uses cutting methods similar to that of a lathe but is highly automated. All screw machines are fully automated, whether mechanically or by CNC, which means that once they are set up and started running, they continue running and producing parts with very little human intervention.

Screw machines were first developed in Switzerland during the late 1800s to produce large number of identical parts such as screws. At that time, the Swiss were leading makers of timepieces and other measuring instruments. They also produced tools, machines, optics such as microscopes and telescopes, and other devices such as weigh scales. All of these required precision-made parts including shafts, bolts, screws and pins. Without a reliable machine to mass-produce these critical parts, many products would have been far too expensive to manufacture.

Anco Precision is dedicated to the quality manufacturing of precision screw machine products, with your design and specifications at the best price and fastest delivery. For over 35 years, we have maintained our commitment to continuous quality improvement to better assist our customer base serving all major industries. Our goal of delivering quality parts, on time, at a reasonable price is the companys primary objective. Our machinists are trained and skilled in the use of this equipment and feel that superior quality is obtained through the efforts of our machinists. We offer personalized service, skilled personnel, and the latest in CNC machining equipment and technology. We combine these attributes to provide our customers with unparalleled service. Contact us with your design requirements and we will be pleased to offer you our best price and delivery.

For over 35 years, Anco Precision has been producing quality turned components with its screw machining and has given our screw machine shop the reputation for high quality turned products at competitive prices. Whether your job requires a long, medium or short run, we can deliver your products with just in time delivery — even those that require complex engineering and close tolerance. All screw machine components leave our shop inspected and certified. Allow our experienced staff of engineers and executives to assist in design, testing, and production of your turning specifications. Therefore, rest assured that our commitment to customer service and goal of 100% precision on your parts will leave you completely satisfied.

Anco Precision is family owned & operated manufacturing company. We pride ourselves on our long-term commitment to Quality & Service. For over 35 years, Anco Precision has produced close tolerance turned parts with high levels of quality and volume at our production shop. These skills, combined with our continuous improvement, results in the highest quality products. Screw Machine Shop