How To Get Your Electric Bill Down!

He Really Wanted To Get His Electric Bill Down

If you also want to get your electric bill down, read on. I just want to share a really nice text message that I got from one of my customers yesterday, thanking me for a solution that I was able to provide him. If you look at his Enphase app, which he screenshotted for me, his consumption and his production are less than 1% off.

That is the kind of detail and calculation that you can count on from me. If you want to get your electric bill down, I’m here to help.

If you’d like to see a breakdown of all the things that went into the calculations regarding Armando’s project, please follow me for the longer-form video and don’t forget to subscribe.

Alright, Jaren, why don’t you tell the world what happened here with Armando?

Jaren: Armando has been a great neighbor and we talk almost weekly, if not every other day. We see each other and say hello and everything. Armando likes to come over and see my home improvement projects. He saw me putting in solar panels and was like, “Jaren, are you really going to save money with this? Is it really worth it?”

I was very skeptical, yeah, and he was wondering how my investment was working and so forth and if it was worth it. I told him, “Armondo, I love it. I absolutely love it.” The reason is my electric bill for the past 5 years has been the same.

What’s been going on with your electric bill?

Armando: It’s been steadily going up, going up, going up, to the point that I started about a month and a half ago, two months ago, contemplating the fact that because of the energy rises, it was going to be going up and higher and higher. So I started talking to you and you recommended your dear friend.

I just wanted to get my electric bill down.

Jaren: I know Armando said he was getting some quotes from different vendors and so forth. You know, he knew I knew Joe and he’s like, “Okay, your friend, so he knows solar consulting.” I said, “Hey, I’m going to give you his contact. Just give Joe a call. I trust him, but you make the decision and everything.” That’s how I sent Armando to Joe here.

Getting Quotes For a Solar Installation

Armando: So what I did was I called about three or four people, three or four companies. They came over, gave me quotes, and I started looking through all the quotes.

Then I called Joe. I spoke to Joe and I said, “Look, I know you’re Jaren’s friend, and if he trusts you, I trust you, so I need you to come over here to my house and give me an honest assessment of what is good for me.” Because, you know, if you’re young, yes, but when you start getting older, in fact, I’m going to be 67, you think about the investment. It’s a long investment, how you’re going to be able to handle this.

So Joe came over, sat down with me, sat down with my wife, and we looked everything over. He put down about three or four different options and I chose one. My system is about 3/4 complete. I’m still waiting for the final inspection from Duke Energy and the final hookup, and I’m already seeing improvement. I’m already saving money.

New Innovations In Solar

Jaren: You know what was really cool? I came over to Armando’s when they were doing the install and he’s like, “Oh, I have 400-watt panels.”

It’s like everything else, you know, you go from innovation to innovation to innovation. Everything is upgrading, upgrading, upgrading. You got it back when you had yours, it was only ordered as being a certain amount of wattage.

Mine was supposed to be 375 watts at first, and then they said, “No, we’re going to change it to 400,” which is the latest version, which to me was more beneficial. Even though I am still within the first month of having an installation, I’m already seeing benefits on my electric bill.

So I’m waiting for this month’s cycle to complete so I’m able to see how much, in reality, I have spent.

Armando: What’s really cool is we’ve been going on our solar app, seeing how much we produce. Our utility company actually shows us how much electricity we use.

Jaren: Armando was coaching me in the opposite. So I’m looking daily. I look at how much I produced versus what I consumed. I look every day, if not two or three times a day.

Armando: Any final words on what it’s been like putting up with me over this endeavor?

Jaren: You’ve been very informative. You provided a lot of details which allowed my wife and me to make an educated purchase. You stayed in contact with me whenever I had any questions. I just texted you, you texted me back, or you called me and we discussed it. You learned something the other day that you didn’t even know about how they’re now turning it off and waiting until the final inspection to turn it on.

Armando: The disconnect switch is now done electronically, so that’s why I’m able to see what I’m producing. I’m able to see the meter going backward and forward and all that.

I’m able to calculate what I’ve used versus what I’ve given them. Even though right now I’m not currently fully connected, everything they’re getting is for free. By the end of the month, it’s going to be fully connected.

One Happy Customer Leads To Another

Joe: Anytime, Jaren. So Armando came to me from another customer who had been my customer now for, I think, about 3 years. Like a lot of my customers, highly intelligent, fairly skeptical, as you should be. He had a lot of moving parts in his equation. He had a pool that did not have a variable- speed pool pump, and we talked about the benefits of replacing that. If I’m not mistaken, there was also an older central AC system involved with that, and we also had to take that into consideration.

So, you know, not only are you trying to make accurate calculations and simulations on how much your solar output will produce, which by the way takes some really nice software to do that, but then you have to take into consideration, okay, if I’m replacing this pool pump with this pool pump, what is the expected saving based on use?

Same thing with the AC unit, and then factor in other things. Certain people, not necessarily Armando, but when I’m doing these calculations, you know, what are their habits? In Florida, we have a lot of snowbirds. I’m not here for four months out of the year or more.

So it’s not just like you could plug in a standard equation. You know, what’s the efficiency of the air conditioner? These are all the things that I had to take into consideration when coming up with Armando’s solution.

Again, at over a 99% accuracy rate, this is what good software and a lot of know-how from doing this for a long time can provide.

If You Want Solar In Florida, Here’s What To Do Next…

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