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Solar Consultation service

Solar Energy Consultation Service

We offer free, no obligation, no pressure, no sales games, honest and straightforward consultations.  The goal of our solar energy consultation is to make certain you are informed of everything that should be taken into consideration BEFORE moving forward with the project. We have extensive knowledge of all the energy production and reduction strategies to be considered and we understand how each item may play a specific role into your unique situation. The ultimate goal is to craft a personalized solution for you, that best fits your energy goals and takes into consideration the unique energy variables in your life today as well as the into the future.  Your solution is crafted for you during the consultation so you are armed with the knowledge to either move forward with going solar or have a starting point of items that may need further research before the project should be commenced.  If your solution doesn’t appear to be a solution we would not personally embrace ourselves, we will advise you to reconsider/not move forward. If you’re looking for a “sales-person” you won’t find one here. If you’re looking for someone who’s analytical, logical, someone who’s got your back and is a true partner in your solution, then you’ve found the right company.

Solar installation service

Solar Installation Service OrlandoWe offer quality solar installations that adhere to all manufacturer’s specifications and approved methods as well as your specific local building codes and ordinances. We also handle everything that is required by your Home Owner’s Association, (if applicable) which is much appreciated by our customers as well as necessary permitting applications and inspection scheduling. Did you know that according to county/municipal building inspectors that about 80% of solar installations fail on the first inspection? Ask your friends who have solar how many inspections it took for their systems to pass? How did it make them feel about whether or not they chose the company? Unfortunately, it’s too late for anything but regrets at that point. Our inspections pass at a rate of well over 90% on the FIRST INSPECTION. We partner with companies that execute and deliver. The installation teams we use are not subcontractors employed by other companies-they are actual employees at the company we feel can most effectively provide you the most the cost-effective solution and the highest return on investment. The same highly skilled installation team we used on our own solar/energy project is available to you, our customer, as well.

Energy consumption analysis

We offer free energy consumption analysis as part of our Solar Consultation. A complete understanding of how much energy is being consumed and how much energy can be saved utilizing more cost-effective remedies than just going solar alone must starting point for any successful project. Be wary of companies whose “analysis” only includes “Your electric bill is X and we need Y amount of solar to give you an electric bill of Z”—there was more than likely A LOT more savings you just missed out on. No two homes are the same, not to mention the families that live there. A careful analysis of the most cost-effective solutions to your energy goals will be provided with as many options as possible for your ultimate consideration. For more information on Energy Consumption Analysis, refer to my blog/video on “How to get the most out of your solar project”.

Water Heaters

Water Heater InstallationDid you know that standard water heaters routinely consume $40-$60 of one’s electric bill? In many cases, that’s anywhere from 20%- to 40% of one’s total electric bill. It takes 6-9 solar panels to generate and replace a standard water heater’s power consumption. Switching out your old standard water heater for a hybrid water heater as part of the solar package (if possible) is a no-brainer for most projects. Why? Because a hybrid water heater that only requires about 3 panels to cover its power consumption requirements and only requires about 3 panels, creates an opportunity for significantly more savings and can be financed into the overall project. Water heaters are professionally installed by employees (no subcontractors) of the company we feel can most effectively provide your most the cost-effective solution and the highest return on investment. For more information on this topic, refer to our blog topic on “How upgrading your water heater can save you thousands on your solar project”.

Air Conditioners

We offer new central air conditioners as part of a solar efficiency package. As older, less efficient air conditioners can be responsible for 40%-60% of a home’s total monthly power consumption here in Florida, it may be more cost effective to replace the air conditioner as part of the project instead of installing many more solar panels to over the power production requirements of the old air conditioner. We use quality brands that are under manufacturer’s warranty for ten years and are permitted and inspected per building code/local/county ordinance. Replacing an old air conditioner as part of a solar efficiency package can result in thousands of dollars of additional savings, can be financed into the project, and in many cases, was on the homeowner’s list of items to address in the next few years anyway. For more information on how an air conditioner can impact a solar project, check out our blog entry on “How to get the most out of your solar project”.

Pool Pumps

For those of us who have pools (and particularly an older single speed pool pump) there is another “energy hog” hiding in plain sight on the side of the home. A single speed pool pump can require $30 or more a month of electricity consumption. In many cases, it may be more cost effective to replace an old single speed pool pump with a variable speed pool pump. If one were to build a pool today, it must have a variable speed pump per new building codes. Replacing your old single speed pool pump with a variable speed pool pump can save about $25 in monthly electric bills and will need far less solar production to support its power consumption requirements. An old single-speed pool pump is like running your vehicle down the highway at 65mph in FIRST GEAR—high RPMs, poor efficiency. A variable speed pool pump will start out at an even higher speed than a single speed pool pump which will do a better job of stirring up fine debris for the filter to more effectively collect and will then drop down to lower speeds for far greater energy efficiency. Variable speed pool pumps run longer than single speed pumps but ultimately move the same amount of water with far greater efficiency. The savings in replacing the pool pump may result in a greater overall savings as less solar panels are required to support a variable speed pool pump’s power requirements.

Attic insulation

Do you know where the ducts which deliver cool air from the air conditioner to the rest of your home reside? Yep-in the attic. Did you know it frequently reaches 160+ degree Fahrenheit in most attics here in Florida? You could literally cook a chicken in your attic in the summer. Having your ducts and ceiling of your interior space exposed to all that heat is like installing your icemaker in the oven. Adding to or replacing your old attic insulation is a strategy that may offer some additional savings. In other words, it may be more cost-effective to address the equivalent of the electricity required for solar production and/or more cooling required then it would cost to bring the insulation level to achieve the desired efficiency. If you have a relatively new home, this would likely not be applicable but if your home is 15 years older, a quick peak in the attic could reveal some otherwise hidden opportunities for additional savings.

Solar attic fans

In many cases, a solar attic fan is great way to achieve some additional savings. As temperatures can reach over 165 degrees Fahrenheit in an attic here in Florida during the summer months, a solar-powered attic fan costs noting to operate and can bring down the temperature in the attic to 120 degrees. This helps keep air conditioning ducts cooler, the ceiling of the home cooler and will therefore reduce the overall energy costs associated with keeping the home at the desired temperature. Instead of just waiting for cooler outside air to gradually rise up into the soffits and then exit through the top of the attic via the roof ridge vents, the solar powered attic fan(s) will mechanically speed up that process by sucking cooler outside air into the attic through the soffit and expel it out the top of the attic/roof long before it can reach the higher temperatures.

Lighting evaluations

Lighting costs can represent as much as 10% of a home’s power requirements. Tips on more energy efficient lighting methods may be included in the overall strategy to reduce power consumption as much as possible, as it is far cheaper to replace old light bulbs with newer more efficient bulbs than buying solar panels to power them.

Return on Investment Modeling

As has been mentioned several times here on our website, solar is a long-term investment that has a myriad of unique, customer-specific moving parts. Each customer’s return on investment will be laid out in a logical manner that takes into considerations the overall costs of upgrades/efficiencies associated with the project will be offset with solar production, finance terms, etc. It’s simple-at the end of the day, if the investment will not produce the desired return on investment over the customer’s specific time frame, then don’t do the project. We wouldn’t make an investment that doesn’t make sense for us and we don’t want to be a part any investment that isn’t right for you either. As many options/strategies as possible will be presented to you during our free consultation. A solar project is a significant investment–Proper analysis must be conducted before any return on investment modeling can be considered. If your project will not realistically achieve your goals, we will advise against it–We win together!

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