Solar panels being installed on rooftop

Our Very Own Solar Energy Installation Project

I have been helping people go solar by providing solar energy consulting services for about two years now. I’ve helped well over a hundred people take advantage of the federal tax credits and breaking the Utility Company’s monopoly on their electricity and their cash.

I have often been asked by perspective clients “Do you have solar?” I always reply that I could lie and say “Yes, of course I do and it’s the most super-fabulous thing ever…but no, I don’t.” And then of course comes the next question: “Why?” I explained we bought or home a few years ago and knew it needed a new roof (as I’ve covered here on the website). Well, this May, we had a gift from the heavens–A wonderful hail storm–not enough to damage our vehicles but enough to put a hurting on our roof. So, fast forward to the present, with a new roof we were finally more than ready to let all this knowledge about solar and other energy efficiencies play out for us!

Last week, Sunbility Solar, one of the companies I represent, did our installation. It was just Sam and Corey and they did our 11.5kW system installation in two days. It should be noted that both days they drove from Tampa and were here at our home in Orlando at 7:15AM, ready to work. They were extremely efficient. Now I know some of you are reading this and probably thinking, “What else is he going to say, he represents them?” Well…if you got to know me, here is a succinct response: If they didn’t consistently produce the quality work they do for my customers that they have been for the last two years, I’d be representing someone else-and it wouldn’t have taken but a fraction of that time for me to do so. I won’t live like that. There are more than a few good solar companies out there. You know where I live and I like to sleep at night.

To put the icing on the cake, this morning, as I’d previously been advised by the project managers at Sunbility, the county building inspector “Joseph” rings. He greets me with a smile and says: (his words, not mine) “That is the cleanest installation I’ve seen in a long time”. “The wire management is excellent, you can tell an electrician did this work”. “There is a lot of pride in this work”. And by the way “80% of inspections fail the first time around”. Needless to say, that was not the case here. It passed with flying colors. So that’s all well and good because, as I’ve related to many of my customers for the last two years, when the county inspects, they will almost always say “This is the one of the best jobs I’ve seen in a long time”. So, I’m not surprised, I guess I expect it, but the validation I experienced this morning at the front door of my own home made me so grateful to work with a team that delivers on MY PROMISES.

So, presented with this fabulous opportunity to document this really awesome experience, I share with the world the pictures I’ve taken at various stages of the project along with drone footage and an interview with Sam Lisi, the lead installer. You can see a quality installation from start to finish, with the various steps and photos you rarely see on all the internet ads. I hope it helps and I hope you enjoy.


Joe Nash

Founder, LMNdeavors LLC Hydroponic and Solar Solutions

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