Solar panels on Florida roof

Solar Financing in Orlando and Your Homes’ Value

How can a solar installation in Orlando affect your homes’ value?

In this video, we cover the main points to be considered regarding how a whole house solar array can influence a real estate transaction. Stacey Smith and Vonda Fields are real estate agents and partners with Orlando Home Specialists, under the brokerage of Charles Rutenburg Realty in Orlando. In this segment, we cover the effect on the appraised value added to your home that whole solar can provide, the impact on your home’s marketability from both a buyers and a seller’s perspective, the things to consider regarding a solar loan’s transferability to the buyer in the event a home is placed on the market prior to the loan being paid in full and the disclosures associated with this scenario. It should be noted that the comments related, as to disclosures, are broad advice in the event the solar loan is structured in a way that puts a lien on the home. Financing that puts a lien on your home is common in the solar industry. I do not offer financial products that result in a lien being put on your home. All financing I offer is unsecured and does not include a lien on your home. I wouldn’t sign a financial product that put a lien on my home and I therefore won’t be involved with a transaction that does either. I hope you find this information helpful. Wishing you all peace, safety and wellness!


Joe Nash Founder – LMNdeavors, LLC Hydroponic and Solar Solutions

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