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As a locally owned and operated solar consultation and installation company, we want families throughout the  Orlando Area to rest easy knowing someone has their back. You deserve to get an honest and transparent energy audit before choosing a solar provider. We proudly offer solar consultations to help you determine the exact solar array you’ll need to power your lifestyle now and in the decades to come. Being local, we can arrive at your home fast and help you identify energy drains and outline a path to energy independence!

One of the primary components of a successful solar consultation is identifying your energy needs now and in the future. For example, if you plan to add an electric vehicle to the household in the future, or if you have kids moving out, your energy needs will change. That’s why we want to help you predict your energy production needs now and in the future. There is little benefit in overproducing electricity, and we help you avoid underproducing to ensure your energy independence.

We follow the Florida Public Service Commission, The US Energy Information Administration to keep up to date with solar policy in Florida. We know how to effectively assess your solar energy needs and we are available to call any time that you begin considering solar installation in Florida.

We know it can be overwhelming when you start shopping for solar. You can easily get bombarded with aggressive and high-pressure sales tactics. It can be hard to know who to trust. Know that you’re in good hands. We will be able to offer you the peace of mind that comes with an independent solar consultation. Someone who works for you, not the solar installation company. You’ll know that you’ll have the best information to make an educated decision.

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Joe Does Solar of Orlando is ready to help you when you’re considering installing your own power production through solar installation in Orlando, FL. We proudly offer prompt full-service solar consultations in Orlando, FL.

  • Monday 9 am- 6 pm
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Solar Consultation Orlando
  • We will determine your electricity needs and the efficiency of water heaters, pool pumps, appliances, and AC/ heat units.
  • We will inspect and identify potentially high electricity draining units and make recommendations to save money on your solar installation.
  • And if solar is a solution you want to pursue, we have several providers in the area. We can help you get the best price and solution for your needs.

We offer fast and professional service in Orlando, Fl. If your situation is ideal for solar, we’ll be there within 24-48 hrs of your call. Just pick up the phone and call us today!

We are ready to help you in Orlando when you’re researching how to lower your electric bill. We’ll give you a complete solar-electric audit.

Solar Consultations in Orlando, Fl

Your solution is crafted for you during the consultation so you are armed with the knowledge to either move forward with going solar or have a starting point of items that may need further research before the project should be commenced.  If your solution doesn’t appear to be a solution we would not personally embrace ourselves, we will advise you to reconsider/not move forward. If you’re looking for a “salesperson” you won’t find one here. If you’re looking for someone who’s analytical and logical, someone who’s got your back and is a true partner in your solution, then you’ve found the right company.

Solar Installations in Orlando, Fl

Did you know that according to county/municipal building inspectors that about 80% of solar installations fail on the first inspection? Ask your friends who have solar how many inspections it took for their systems to pass? How did it make them feel about whether or not they chose the company? Unfortunately, it’s too late for anything but regrets at that point. Our inspections pass at a rate of well over 90% on the FIRST INSPECTION. We partner with companies that execute and deliver. The installation teams we use are not subcontractors employed by other companies-they are actual employees at the company we feel can most effectively provide you the most cost-effective solution and the highest return on investment. The same highly skilled installation team we used on our own solar/energy project is available to you, our customer, as well.

Energy consumption analysis In Orlando

We offer free energy consumption analysis as part of our Solar Consultation. A complete understanding of how much energy is being consumed and how much energy can be saved utilizing more cost-effective remedies than just going solar alone must starting point for any successful project. Be wary of companies whose “analysis” only includes “Your electric bill is X and we need Y amount of solar to give you an electric bill of Z”—there was more than likely A LOT more savings you just missed out on. No two homes are the same, not to mention the families that live there. A careful analysis of the most cost-effective solutions to your energy goals will be provided with as many options as possible for your ultimate consideration. For more information on Energy Consumption Analysis, refer to my blog/video on “How to get the most out of your solar project”.

We Have Highly-Trained Solar Technicians in Orlando, Fl Today!

Joe Does Solar of Orlando works hard every day to earn your business. We find and refer only the most qualified solar technicians for your project. Call today for your solar energy audit and consultation.

Our Professional Solar Consultation Service Is Available Right Now in Orlando, Fl

Joe Does Solar of Winter Park is ready to handle your solar consultation in Orlando, Fl. We offer the top independent solar consultation service in the industry and use state-of-the-art energy audit tools to give you the best indication of the electrical output required for your solar needs.

“The Joe Does Solar Promise”

we will always give you

the most honest answers,

based on integrity and a commitment to our Florida neighbors.


Joe Nash was awesome to work with! He put up with us and all our questions for the last two years. We are so excited to finally be getting solar! Thanks Joe! It was a pleasure working with you!
Sarah Alexandre Fletcher 


Joe Nash was our representative and he was courteous and professional. He took his time sharing the ins and outs of solar, making sure we were comfortable with the information. Joe was straightforward and honest outlining pros and cons of the install, breaking it down for us.
Ursula Cutler


We contacted Sunbility and they responded within 5 mins to set up a time to talk. Today Joe Nash came by and we were blown away by his honesty, willingness to be upfront with possible concerns, and his relaxed easy Solar101 info. We decided to use Sunbility because of his professionalism and conduct plus the warranties and guarantees provided by Sunbility. Highly recommend Sunbility and Joe Nash from Joes Does Solar.
Pepper Wooten


Joe Nash came out to give me information about going solar for my new home I purchased last year. I unfortunately couldn’t get financing setup with my current credit score, but will be changing that and getting a system installed as soon as i can now that i know all the amazing features of going solar that Mr. Nash gave me today!
Joseph Philhower
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