What Does a Solar Energy Consultant Do?

Hey friends it’s Joe with joe.solar.com. I hope you are all well in this video I will attempt to capture just what it is I do for you. I had an email recently from someone asking for my help who said quote buying solar is like being a nam with the enemy in the trees everywhere.

If you haven’t realized it yet a solar project can be complex.

There are many variables there are many considerations such as…

  • Financial considerations
  • Technical considerations,
  • In many cases even timing considerations
  • and more…

Look, if you’ve already done a little research and that is what you’re probably doing right now you have already come to this conclusion.

So, What Does a Solar Energy Consultant Do?

So to help you navigate all these complexities… do you want to guide and advocate, a strategist, a problem solver, a coach, someone to look out for your best interest, or a car salesman?

Just look at some of the solar ads and clickbait you’ve seen. Here’s one of my recent favorites… the government will write you a check for $8400 just for trying out these solar panels.

If you’re being lied to from the start, how do you think that’s going to end? How can the government send you a check for $8,400? The check is a percentage. Do all solar arrays cost the same amount of money? Maybe they do with that company, I don’t know.

I’ve been helping people go solar for almost five years now. Does experience matter? Unequivocally and I still pick up something new in just about every project. They are as diverse as each of you and your homes.

So aside from experience, transparency, and honesty what else do I bring to the table?

I have partnered with some of the very best solar companies in Florida to help you achieve your best results.

Joe Nash

You’re likely reading right now in order to help you identify quality solar installation companies…

Solar installation companies Orlando
Our solar installation partners

I’ve already vetted the companies I’d bank my reputation on as well. And here’s another thing I with you am their biggest customer. If you’re not happy I’m not happy and I can assure you they won’t be happy either.

Take advantage of my unique place in the industry and be part of the leverage that you get for not only your best solution but the best deal.

Ninety-nine percent of solar sales folks represent one company. They tell you what their sales manager tells them to say because most of them lack the knowledge and experience to navigate your specific situation.

Their approach is to give you an hour and a half of a high-pressure sales pitch focused on savings and condition you to nod your head in agreement and sign on a project that should have in all likelihood taken a few weeks of exploration and deliberation. Just in a few hours? Have you been there? It breaks my heart to read some of the comments on social media like solar is a scam, it’s not worth it, I got screwed.

These are comments from folks who got sold, didn’t do their due diligence, and lacked a respected consultant. How do I know because if they had they would not have that opinion. None of my customers do. If it was such a bad idea why didn’t their sales guy tell them that? You don’t need me to answer that one for you.

Check out my reviews… what do my customers say other than the know-how to get you the best outcome possible it’s really simple… treat people with respect and use that experience to look out for them. To be very candid with you, I believe that we are all here to help each other. My mom says I’m idealistic in that regard as well as a few other things.

Solar reviews Orlando

I say, I know I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I can only be the change I strive to bring about. As I’ve said before I’d rather make a friend and advise you not to move forward with your project, than do anything that is not good for you. I just want to keep getting texts from my customers saying I’m so glad I found you. When I end each video by saying, “here to help” it’s not just a slogan. I’m wishing you the best.

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