Roof Replacement With Solar Panels, You Need To Know This

You might be worried about the process of removing your solar panels for a roof repair or replacement.

If your roof is damaged due to an act of God then that’s something that more than likely your homeowner’s insurance is going to cover. They’re going to cover the cost of removing your panels.

But if you are replacing your roof and then putting your panels back on, obviously there’s a cost associated with that.

Is It Free To Remove Solar Panels To Replace My Roof?

If any solar company tells you that it is free, I would be highly skeptical. What’s more, some of them make you pay for that upfront for a free one-time free removal and replacement.

What happens if they go out of business before you need that service? It’s probably not a good idea to prepay for a service you might need a decade down the road.

The point of this is… I’m not here to bad-mouth any other company. Everybody does their thing their own way.

Here’s what happened… I had a customer come to me she has a system from a large company that starts with a T and it ends with an A. They also do a lot of automobiles electric ones, rocket ships too.

My customer asked me to get a quote on what it would cost to take those panels off and have them put back on.

Again, in this case this was not an Insurance claim. This was the roof was really, old the panels have been up there a while. They just needed to come down so the roof could be replaced.

“The original solar installation company in Florida gave her a really crazy price to do this and I knew that it was very inflated.”

Joe Nash

The Mounting Hardware Is Key To a Good Solar Installation

The problem is this particular company uses proprietary racking. Now racking’s got really very little to do in most cases with how a system performs.

Here’s the key…

Somewhere in the fine print (of course the sales guy didn’t tell them), they had to use that particular racking. Otherwise, the system wouldn’t be under warranty.

Now she is stuck with a very significant bill in having to utilize that racking to put their system back on the roof.

Lastly, this problem could have been avoided if she just had a third-party consultant look over the solar deal before signing the contract. This is what I do, and I can help you avoid some very expensive mistakes in solar.

Just trying to look out for you guys and doing what I can to help. If you have any questions hit me up.

For more information about finding a good solar installation company in Orlando, Check out this interview with Joe. We go over all the details and what you need to know.

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