What You Need To Know About Solar Inverters

What You need To Know About Solar Inverters

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Hey friends it’s Joe with joedoessolar.com I hope everybody is well… In this videowe are going to cover inverters and I’m going to give you a real life example.

You don’t want to miss this…

Two primary types of solar inverters…

The first figure this is a micro inverter these inverters are mounted to the back of every solar panel.

Solar micro inverter replacement

Every panel gets its own inverter. On the other figure you’re going to see a large Solar Edge string inverter in which all the panels are routed into that one inverter and it converts the DC power that your solar panels are producing into AC power so that it’s usable.


String Inverter
Solar String Inverter Replacement

You remember you may recall back in the day you go to Radio Shack or anywhere else and I’m dating myself. Getting one of those things you could plug into the cigarette lighter and “hey cool” I can plug in something I would normally plug in the house- into my car.

That’s what an inverter is… That’s what it does. As many of you may have known from other videos I’m a big fan of the micro inverters and here’s why…the next figure is my solar array.

Solar Array in Orlando

See that one in the bottom right it’s black that’s because it’s not producing any power. It took me two weeks to figure this out because I haven’t looked at my app because I’m busy helping you guys with your electric bills so I love you…

The beautiful thing about that micro inverter is I’m losing the production on one panel, three percent of my output.

Joe Nash

If my string inverter went down now I’m losing a hundred percent of my production. Here’s what happened… I call up the installer Sunbility. As you may know I represent them and have been for six years my system was installed about three years ago.

Hey guys looks like I got a panel down, they go online they yep sure enough, they can tell me exactly what serial number that micro inverter is and know that it’s not working. So they send in a ticket to Enphase, the manufacturer.

By the way these are under warranty for 25 years. They sent me an email with a tracking number of when the replacement will be delivered.

Okay cool, It’ll be here next week. Great two days later Sunbility will be here to put that inverter

By the way that’s a really easy job. Lift up the panel take the old inverter off. Plug the new inverter back in, lay the panel back down, screw it back in place… 10 minute job. Plug and Play. Simple

As that so this is the kind of seamless response you should get from a good solar installer that’s going to stand true to their work.

The warranties, again tip of the hat to Sunbility and that’s why I represent you guys. It also gives you a real life example of some of the benefits of going with the micro inverter technology.

Hope you guys are well thanks for subscribing you take care be safe I’m here to help.

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